The Pirate Trader, Crypto Technical Analysis.

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The Pirate Trader, Crypto Technical Analysis.

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Welcome to an exciting course on technical analysis regarding trading cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, doge etc. As most of you have requested. Long story short the following topics are what's covered in the course to make you a better trader.

Case studies : 
1. Trading mind river and two boats
2. Stop loss and FOMO not sticking to the plan
3. Intro to trading 
4. Coming with a plan
5. Paper trading etc
6. emotions
7. Beginner's mistakes
8. Experienced traders
9. handling losses
10. living as a trader and handling your surroundings
11. taking some time off
13. zig zag sync
14. Analysis paralysis

Market psychology
a Case study (market is irrational, no time frame, we don't know when we will get a pump or a dump)
b Known terms FOMO, FUD ETC
c Market phases

B. Trading the charts
0. setting the charts
1. top to the bottom right to left scanning
2. thrust and reaction
3. stop-loss hunting
4. uptrend
5. downtrend
6. bitcoin,dxy,btcd,vug and their relation
7. Elliot wave theory
8. Elliot in downtrend
9. Elliot in uptrend
10. Elliot in downtrend, apply on BTC
11. ABC's correction
12. chart pattern due to thrust and reaction
13. indicators  (rsi,bb,gaussian channel,volume,EMA's)
14. bottom reversals
15. candlestick reading  (62 candlesticks)
16. supply and demand
17. time frame

18 Fibonacci and golden ratios
19. combining fibs,Elliot,and ema's
20. EMA on different time frames
21. Bear and Bull market
22. Different market phases choppy sideways, trending 
23. Combining everything together
24. Watch outs for fakeouts. twisting of chart patterns
25. Support and resistance
26. When to enter trickily
27. Deciding a coin
28. Wyckoff accumulation and distribution
29. Slingshot effect, impulsive and corrective waves
30. Divergences of volume
31. Channels
32. lines and heiken ashi bars
33. Accumulation 
34. checking Ponzi scheme researching a good project
35. binance tip using an exchange, buy sell limit order sell order oco volume gainers losers etc
36. Looking at different timeframes to come to a conclusion
37. Relief rallies in a downtrend with ema's
38. Dumps, pullback, and retracements
39. Black swan event

C. money management 

1. Plateue money management
2. Risk reward
3. 50-50 rule

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